Task Sequence Automatic Update Configuration

You can use Application Manager to update new applications to your operating system installation task sequences. This feature requires additional privileges in Configuration Manager (Operating System Deployment Manager role) for the Application Manager service.

To configure AM to update your task sequence:

1. Open Application Manager and go to the MECM Integration tab. 

2. Choose the deployment process that you want to use for updating task sequences. The task sequence setting is related to the chosen collection. Application Manager will deploy the new version to task sequence as soon as the available time of the deployment is reached.

NOTE: Your task sequence must contain at least one group inside it in order to update it with Application Manager.

3. Choose your task sequence and group that you want to use.

Any new versions of chosen applications will be added to task sequence once they are published. If you want to add already imported current versions of applications to task sequence, go to MECM Settings and select Add current application versions.

NOTE: If you don't want to update new application version to task sequence, go to the Scheduled Tasks tab. From here, you can find list of tasks AM is scheduled to do. Find and select the wanted application version with type Add to task sequence and select disable or delete. If you choose disable, you can re-enable it later.

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