Delete Files / Folders on Restart

Delete Files/Folders on Restart wipes specified files and folders on reboot. 

There are a number of built-in options for deleting specific Autologin user folders, including Autologin Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Temp, and Videos. The Autologin user folder is set at every login to the device, so the deletion should be immune to any user profile issues. There is also the option of selecting a custom path to delete on reboot.

To set up file/folder deletion on restart:

1. Select a file or folder from the drop-down list.

2. If you select Custom, enter the path to the file or folder, or browse to the path using the Ellipsis (...) button. Wildcards (*) are accepted when specifying a custom location.

3. Click Add.

Kiosk Manager Delete Files / Folders on Restart Screenshot

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