Install Right Click Tools Community Edition

Before downloading and installing Right Click Tools, make sure that the system requirements for its implementation are met.

Download Right Click Tools Community

The Community Edition of Right Click Tools is available through the Recast Software website. From the homepage, click the banner text to Download the Free Version of Right Click Tools.

Banner text to Download the Free Version of Right Click Tools

When installing Right Click Tools for the first time, you can request a trial of the Enterprise tools

Check out the difference between the Community and Enterprise editions of Right Click Tools.

Run the Right Click Tools Installer

After downloading Right Click Tools Community from the Recast Portal, run the installer. Close all Configuration Manager consoles before installing.

To install Right Click Tools Community:

1. Double-click the .msi file to open the installer. 

2. Click Next.

3. Choose Right Click Tools Community as the installation type and click Next.

4. On the Right Click Tools Community page, click Install.

5. When the installation completes, click Finish to exit the installer.

A Recast Software folder will appear in your Configuration Manager console's navigation panel.

License Right Click Tools Community

Before you can use Right Click Tools Community, you'll be asked to create a free Recast Software account.

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