Agent Gateways for Right Click Tools

A Recast Agent Gateway is an on-premises component that connects your Recast Management Server to your Recast Agents. An Agent Gateway lets you to manage your endpoints at scale by providing a secure communications path for:

  • Agent authentication and authorization
  • Agent licensing
  • Directing Recast actions to Agents
  • Extending Agent connectivity to the Internet
  • Connecting Agents with other Recast components

Multiple Agent Gateways can be added, meaning that there's no limit to the number of Agents that can connect to your Recast Management Server. Internet-connected devices that are not on your local network can connect to the Agent Gateway, allowing you to run Recast actions against them, without the need for a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG).

Install an Agent Gateway

A single Agent Gateway is automatically deployed and authorized when you install Recast Management Server. You can also install additional Agent Gateways, to accommodate all of your Recast Agents. Each Agent Gateway must be installed on a different server. Agent Gateway software is available from the Recast Portal.

To configure an Agent Gateway:

1. On the Agent Gateway installer's IIS Configuration page, specify the Server Name in FQDN format (server.domain.local) and IIS Port for the Agent Gateway.

2. On the Certificate Configuration page, select an existing certificate, or generate a self-signed certificate.

3. Click Test Connection to check that the Agent Gateway can connect to your Recast Management Server.

4. With a successful connection test, click Install.

5. When the installation completes, click Finish to close the installer.

Verify Agent Gateway Installation

In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Administration > Agent Gateways and check that the new Agent Gateway is connected and authorized. If you've installed an Agent Gateway on a separate server, you may need to manually authorize it in RMS.

For information on the hardware needed for Agent Gateway servers, see Recast Management Server System Requirements.

To learn more about installing your Recast Management Server with an additional Gateway, see Network Architecture: RMS with Standalone Agent Gateway.

The Agent Gateway SQLite file is located at C:\Users\Recast Agent Gateway\AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\Recast Agent Gateway

View Agent Gateways

You can view and edit Agent Gateways in the Recast Management Server interface by navigating to Administration > Agent Gateways

By default, the one Agent Gateway added automatically during Recast Management Server installation will appear on the Agent Gateways page.

Details shown include the Computer Name, whether an Agent Gateway is Connected or Authorized, and the Agent Gateway software Version.

Delete an Agent Gateway

To delete an Agent Gateway:

1. In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Administration > Agent Gateways.

2. Click the Delete icon to the right of the Agent Gateway to remove and confirm the deletion.

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