Logged On User Has Permissions To Use Self-service

Starting from Recast Privilege Manager client version 3.0.5000, the temporary user account activation process can be done directly from the credential provider. The Privilege Manager administrator can limit self-service for specific users (like service desk personnel) and then users activating temporary user account must specify their own domain account credentials to use self-service.

When actions requiring administrator level permissions are executed or the user selects Run as different user to execute an action, Windows by default shows a User Account Control window where credentials are provided to execute the action. This User Account Control has a Recast Privilege Manager option for when the credential provider has been installed on the client.

In the User Account Control dialog, click More choices to show the Recast Privilege Manager credential provider.

1. Click Recast Privilege Manager to select the Privilege Manager credential provider.

2. Select Run with local account from the drop-down list.

3. If more than one temporary user account is available, select the desired temporary account from the drop-down list.

4. Specify the reason a temporary account is required.

5. Click Yes to run the action with a temporary user account.

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