Reimport Applications

If a deployment process is deleted and recreated, or an application is accidentally deleted from your Configuration Manager console, you can reimport an application version without the need to wait until a new version is published in the Application Manager catalog. Reimporting an application removes it, and any deployments that include it, from Configuration Manager. The application and deployments are then recreated using the current Application Manager deployment process settings.

You can reimport applications from either the Applications page or the Deploy Process Details page in your Recast Management Server.

To reimport an application:

1. On the Applications page, click the Deploy button to the right of the application to reimport.

TIP: You can also find the Reimport Applications option on the Deployment Process Details page by clicking the vertical ellipsis.

2. In the Reimport Application side panel that opens, choose whether to redownload the application version to the Application Manager catalog.

3. Click Reimport Application(s).

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