Create an Unmanaged Account Rule

Creating new unmanaged account rule allows you to create a local user account on computers with a specific password. Local user is also added to a specified local group when the rule is applied on the computer. After the user account has been created on the computer, Recast Privilege Manager will not manage the user account password. When an unmanaged account rule is saved, two Recast Privilege Manager rules are created:

1. Managed user rule that creates the user account with specified password

2. Managed group rule that adds the local user account to specified local group

  1. Rule target
    You can see what will be the computer for the new rule. Verify that you are adding the new rule to the correct computer.
  2. Select local group
    Select a local group where a local user account will be added as a member.
  3. Select unmanaged account
    Select a local user that will be created as an unmanaged account for the computer. You need to create a local user with an option to allow it to be used as an unmanaged account, before you can create unmanaged account rules (see more information from Create local user chapter).
  4. Validity time
    Select if you want an unmanaged account rule to be valid only for a specified time. Validity will be applied to both rules created (managed user and managed group rules). Also specify validity time. Maximum validity time is specified by the Privilege Manager Administrator.
    This field is available only if enabled by the Recast Privilege Manager administrator. See more information in the Recast Privilege Manager Administration Guide.
  5. Password
    A randomly generated password will be created automatically but this can be changed to any password that will fulfill the password policy on the target computer. The reset password button can be used to generate a new random password.
  6. Select rule status
    Select if created rules (managed user and managed group are enabled or disabled. When a rule is enabled, it will be applied to the target computer).
  7. Add unmanaged account rule
    Add a new unmanaged account rule. If the unmanaged account rule was created the window will be automatically closed.
  8. Cancel
    Cancel unmanaged account rule creation and close the window.
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