Recast Software Version 5.4.2403.901

Release Date: March 13, 2024

Version 5.4.2403.901 includes new features and bug fixes. Upgrade to this Recast Software release by downloading it from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, Privilege Manager, and Application Manager.


Recast Management Server

New Logging Level Defaults

In response to customer feedback that our default logging levels can be a little verbose, particularly in larger environments, we've reduced the Event log level to 'None' for all components and Microsoft and System namespaces to 'Warning' for all components.

New Service Connections Search

On the Service Connections page, we've added a search function and updated some column header labels. For details, see View Service Connections.

Right Click Tools

BitLocker Compliance Dashboard Updates

You'll notice some changes to the pie charts on the BitLocker Compliance dashboards located in your ConfigMgr console and in your Recast Management Server interface

Updates for both ConfigMgr and RMS dashboards:

  • The BitLocker Recovery Key Storage chart now displays data for a simplified set of categories:
    • Computers without stored keys
    • Computers with keys stored in AD 
    • Computers with keys stored in ConfigMgr 
    • Computers with keys stored in MBAM 
    • Computers with keys stored in multiple locations

Updates for the ConfigMgr dashboard only:

  • The dashboard title has been shortened to 'BitLocker Compliance' for consistency with other Right Click Tools dashboards.
  • The charts and legends only display categories that include at least one device.
  • In the table, a new Key Storage column displays recovery key storage locations.

Application Manager

Application Details on the Deployment Processes Page

You can now view, search, sort, add and remove the applications included in a deployment process right from the Deployment Processes page.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

  • Fixes an issue where the Recast Agent service incorrectly established multiple connections to the Agent Gateway.

Right Click Tools

Remote Software Center

  • Fixes a limitation when multiple software applications are selected for updating. (Customer-Reported Bug 12085)
  • Correctly removes a 'Comanaged not found' error message from the Software Updates tab when there are no comanaged devices in the environment.

Recast Actions: Fixes timeout errors for 'Search AD Computers' and 'Get AD Computer' API calls.

Privilege Manager

  • Fixes a 'Managed user not found' error when trying to read the computer domain name without a connection to the domain controller. (Customer-Reported Bug 13578)

Application Manager

  • Fixes an inability to add applications to a deployment process when the Application Manager license is set to expire within 30 days. (Customer-Reported Bug 13781)
  • Fixes package synchronization in the software catalog.

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