Create a Local User

You can create a local user that can be managed by creating management rules for the user. The local user will only be created for the Recast Privilege Manager database so that you can use the user when creating management rules to control the user account on computer(s).

To create a local user:

1. Select a Category in which the local user will be created and shown. The category does not affect the local user usage, category selection is purely for organizing local users to make it easier to find when creating management rules.

2. Enter a Login name for the local user account. This will be the actual user account login, for example COMPUTER1\TempAdmin.

3. Enter the Full name for the local user account. If the full name is not specified then Name is used as full name.

4. Enter a Description for the user account if required.

5. Enable Allow to be created as unmanaged account if this local user account can be used in unmanaged account rules. See more information in the 'Unmanaged accounts' chapter.

6. Click Add.

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