Toolbars contain actions that can be performed for related components (usually grid or tree view). Available actions vary based on related components. The tooltip for each button usually contains more information about the toolbar action.

Toolbar functions

Remove grouping: If related components are grid then remove grouping can be used to remove all specified groupings from the grid. This will help the export action to create export file that is better suited for applications handling the exported files.

Export to Excel: If a related component is grid then export data can be used to export grid data to specified format. The available export formats can be CSV, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF (all export formats are not always available). Export format is selected from the drop down list that is shown when you click the Export button. By default, all available grid rows are exported, even grid paging is used. If you want to limit the amount of rows to be exported, create column filters to limit the amount of rows in the grid.

Refresh: Refreshes data on a related component. Usually the up to date data is reloaded from the database to the related component.

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