Recast Software Version 5.4.2401.1004

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Version 5.4.2401.1004 includes a ton of new features and bug fixes, many of which originated as feature requests and bug reports from our customers. Upgrade to this Recast Software release by downloading it from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights.

This version also introduces Application Manager with Recast Management Server. If you are currently using Application Manager for MECM, your Customer Success Manager can guide your migration to integrated Application Manager.


Application Manager

Application Manager for MECM functionality is now integrated into Recast Software infrastructure! Learn More

Recast Management Server

Recast Agents: You can now change the Agent list view by choosing to display 10, 20 or 50 Agents per page.

Right Click Tools


Show Collections - Advanced: The tool now shows whether a maintenance window is enabled.

Send Notification: Toast notification titles are now customizable (previously, they were all titled 'RecastToast').

Kiosk Manager

Usability Improvements

  • The Manage Profiles window now stays open after editing one profile, making it easier to edit multiple profiles one after the other.
  • Kiosk profiles are now sorted alphabetically in the Manage Profiles window, making it easier to find one in a longer list of profiles.
  • You can now disable the keyboard Delete key (in addition to the number pad Delete key) with a kiosk profile.
  • A Chrome 64-bit version is available when adding a Shell Replacement in a kiosk profile.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

  • Fixes incorrect results and sorting issues when filtering role permissions. Customer-Reported Bug 8652
  • Restores the ability to move a route between pages in the Routes table and adds the ability to change the Routes list view to more items per page. Customer-Reported Bug 8672
  • Rewords the 'No proxy found' error message for clarity.
  • Fixes Agent Gateway reconnection issues after a connection failure.
  • Fixes timeout issues when an Agent Gateway requests the Agent list from Recast Management Server.
  • Fixes Agents reporting the wrong domains when the domain controller can't be contacted.
  • Ensures that the Data Discovery Record (DDR) is placed in the active Configuration Manager inbox in High Availability environments.
  • Fixes an inability to start tasks by name or ID using the Task Scheduler.

Right Click Tools

  • Adds alphabetical sorting to collections and OUs displayed in the Configuration Manager console. Customer-Reported Bugs 3122 & 3123

Console Dashboards

  • Content Distribution: Fixes console freezing and timeout errors. Customer-Reported Bug 9600
  • BitLocker Compliance: Fixes an incorrect device count for computers without stored keys.


  • Wake on LAN: Restores Wake on LAN functionality for a single device in Right Click Tools Community. Customer-Reported Bug 1541
  • Remote Software Center: Fixes an issue where the number of user applications displayed on the Applications tab was limited to 60. Customer-Reported Bug 7601
  • Redistribute Failed Content Transfers: Downsizes the 'Are you sure?' window that made it challenging to confirm the action when the list of distribution points was long. Customer-Reported Bug 3269
  • Schedule Restart or Shutdown: Fixes an Exit Code error when attempting to reschedule a restart on multiple devices with the Frequency set to 'MonthlyOnDay'. Customer-Reported Bug 4018
  • Send Notification
    • Fixes a Windows popup message that auto-closed prior to user input. Customer-Reported Bug 5953
    • Fixes an error when attempting to send a Recast toast notification. Customer-Reported Bug 12156

Recast Builder

  • Fixes an issue where the ConfigMgr Script on Devices does not pass Resource IDs from the Start Node. Customer-Reported Bug 1731
  • Fixes a blank Recast Runner window and missing Audit Log results for scheduled Builder Actions. Customer-Reported Bug 9209
  • Fixes a failure of custom Builder Actions to run over a proxy route with a limited scope. Customer-Reported Bug 5446
  • Fixes an issue with actions disappearing after reopening Recast Builder. Customer-Reported Bug 9457
  • Adds a missing Save prompt after modifying condition properties.
  • Fixes an issue with all values being saved.
  • Adds missing PowerShell script block output to custom Builder Actions.
  • Fixes a 'missing parameter' error when attempting to run a Builder action that runs a ConfigMgr script which includes the Mandatory attribute.
  • Fixes an inability to save Resource ID or Computer parameters.
  • Restores missing string results for the tabbed view in Recast Runner.

Kiosk Manager

  • Fixes an issue disabling Unified Write Filter simultaneously on multiple devices. Customer-Reported Bug 10226
  • Fixes an issue with the Internet URL allow list taking effect when applying a kiosk profile.

Fast Channel

  • Fixes an issue with the Fast Channel script not being leveraged to run actions over a Fast Channel route. Customer-Reported Bug 8812

Endpoint Insights

Recast Agent Logs: Replaces incorrect error messaging with Docking Station Detection Method details. Customer-Reported Bug 4755

Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification: Fixes missing details for the Unknown Computers classification.

Recast Management Server Logs: Correctly logs details after a server name change.

Endpoint Insights Setup

  • Ensures that the Data Discovery Record (DDR) is placed in the active Configuration Manager inbox in High Availability environments. Customer-Reported Bug 10135
  • Removes processing for the Request & Evaluate Machine Policy and Hardware Inventory Collection Cycle from setup. Customer-Reported Bug 9709
  • Fixes a failure to upload Power BI reports to HTTPS only sites. Customer-Reported Bug 12296 
  • Fixes a 401 error when testing the connection to the Recast Management Server.
  • Correctly logs details in the Configuration Manager logs after setting up the Recast Management Server name and port number.
  • Restores error messaging when the Warranty SQL view does not exist.

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