Group Rules Report

Group rules reports show the group management rules created for Privilege Manager. You can see all the group rules in a single list or search group rules for a specific device or see group rules applied to a specific organization unit.

  1. All group rules
    Shows all managed group rules created for the Recast Privilege Manager environment grouped by domain, source type, location where targeted, and group name.
  2. Search from directory
    Use search functionality to search what managed group rules are applied to a single domain joined device (both on-prem and Azure AD devices).
  3. Browse directories
    For on-prem Active Directories you can see what managed group rules are applied for a selected organization unit. Organization unit rules are applied to all devices that are under the selected organization unit. Managed group rules that are targeted to single devices or groups are not shown on this report.
  4. Workgroup computers
    For workgroup computers you can see what managed group rules are applied to workgroup computer categories or single workgroup devices.
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