License Management

The Licenses page allows license file management for Privilege Manager. The server license must be loaded first to Privilege Manager and then client access license file(s) can be loaded.

  1. Server license information
    Information about currently loaded server license. If server license information needs to be changed a new license file must be created and loaded to Privilege Manager.
  2. Load server license
    Load new server license file to Privilege Manager. For detailed information, see Load Licenses.
  3. Load client access license
    Load new client access license file to Privilege Manager. For detailed information, see Load Licenses.
  4. Client access license information
    Following information is shown for each loaded client access license in client access licenses grid:
    - License ID (unique ID for license)
    - Upgrade ID (unique ID of upgraded license file)
    - Version
    - Number of clients this client access license entry can support
    - Expires (date in UTC when license expires, if empty the license does not expire)
    - Support expires (date in UTC when support for license expires, if empty the support for license does not expire)
  5. Delete multiple client access licenses
    Delete selected (select one or more client access licenses to activate this action) client access licenses from Privilege Manager.
  6. Delete single client access license
    Delete client access license from Privilege Manager.

Note: Before deleting client access licenses make sure that enough required version licenses remain in Privilege Manager. There is no need to remove old or expired client access licenses but these can be removed from Privilege Manager if administrators want to keep only valid client access licenses.

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