Temporary Account Activation

The Privilege Manager Client allows users to activate temporary permissions. The activation code required to activate local temporary user account is generated by support personnel using the Privilege Manager Portal. An activation code can be also generated using a self-service request directly from a Privilege Manager Client. When the activation code is requested using self-service mode, Privilege Manager contacts the Agent Gateway service, requiring the computer to be connected to the organization's internal network. When the activation code is generated by support person, the computer does not need any network connection.


Credential Provider Configuration
Credential provider settings are stored in the Windows Registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Centero\Agent\Modules\Carillon . Usage scenario Credential provider can be enabled independently on the login page and in the UAC prompt. Set the Credential p...
Activation Type Comparison
Privilege Manager provides different ways for activating temporary access on a client. This documents describes activation types and lists common benefits and limitations of each type.
Temporary User Account Activation Code
Privilege Manager temporary user account activation codes can be used to run actions with a specific local user account