Application Manager for MECM System Requirements

The following software and network requirements must be in place to successfully implement Application Manager with Recast Management Server in a Configuration Manager environment.

Software Requirements

NOTE: The user account running the Recast Proxy requires the TaskScheduler > StartTaskByName permission in RMS prior to running the initial setup. You can grant the permission using the default Administrator role, or by a creating custom role.

  • Microsoft-supported version of Configuration Manager with the following items set up in your ConfigMgr environment:
    • At least one Distribution Point Group
    • Collections that will be used for deployments

See Configuration Manager Setup for Application Manager.

Network Requirements

Disk space 

SMB network share for storing downloaded application installer with at least 50GB of free disk space.

Internal Network Communication

Application Manager uses WMI queries to communicate with the Configuration Manager Site Server. The WMI queries use RPC protocol over TCP/135. 

For more information, see Ports used for connections - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Learn.

External Domains

Application Manager for MECM checks for new application versions over the Internet and downloads application media from Azure using the HTTPS protocol over TCP/443.

Recast Management Server and Recast Proxy require outbound access to the following external domains:

Application Manager Enterprise

  • - to access the application catalog
  • - to download application media and icons

Application Manager Standard

  • - to access the application catalog
  • - to download application media and icons

Updated Application Manager Download URLs

As of June 12th, 2024, installation media will download when server(s) running Recast Management Server and/or Recast Proxy can connect to Application Manager's updated DNS host names.

Application Manager Enterprise 

  • Old download URL -
  • New download URL -  

Application Manager Standard

  • Old download URL -
  • New download URL -
NOTE: You can now remove access to DNS host names.

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