Modify Group Settings

After the managed group rule is created, you can change group inheritance and override the settings for the group. Modified group settings affect all of the managed group rules created at the same level. Therefore you can select any of the managed group rules that are created for the local group for which settings you want to modify.

To modify group settings:

  1. Enable Block inheritance to block all managed group rules for the same group that have lower management level priority. For more information about management levels, see Managed Groups. If lower priority managed group rules exist where Allow override is not selected, these managed group rules are used even if the inheritance is blocked in higher priority rules.
  2. Enable Allow override to allow higher priority managed group rules to block these rules. If allow override is not selected, then block inheritance cannot be used on higher priority managed group rules for the same group. You cannot remove the allow override setting when managed group rule are targeted to single computers.
  3. Click Add to apply your modified settings.
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