Authorize a Recast Agent

Installed agents must be authorized before they can be used to run actions. The Recast Management Server will automatically approve any agents that connect from the same domain as the Recast Management Server. Agents connecting from a different domain (or from a workgroup computer) must be approved manually, unless you've edited the default setting to approve all agents automatically. 

Approve an Agent Manually

To approve an agent manually in RMS:

1. On the Recast Agents page, click the Edit icon to the right of the agent you want to authorize.

2. In the Edit Recast Agent window, enable the Authorized checkbox and click Save.

Approve All Agents Automatically

You can choose to have your Recast Management Server automatically authorize all agents regardless of the domain where they're installed.

To approve all agents automatically:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Settings

2. Under Recast Management Server, click the Edit icon to the right of Recast Agent Approval.

3. In the Change Setting window, choose Automatically Approve All Agents from the Value drop-down.

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