Computers Report

Computer reports pages are used to show reports of all devices in the Privilege Manager environment where the Privilege Manager client is installed. All Privilege Manager clients will send information about local groups with group members and local users to the Privilege Manager database. Computer reports can be used to see the actual group and user account situation on Privilege Manager clients even if Privilege Manager is not managing groups or users.

  1. Reports
    Select the desired computer report. The default report is always available and shows all devices from the environment grouped by domain, computer name and group name. Additional reports can be saved as shared or private.
  2. Save report changes
    Saves changes to the opened user report.
  3. Save report as a new report
    Creates a new report for all the portal users or just for the user who is signed in. Report contains specified grid filters, grouping and ordering.
  4. Update computer report
    Forces the computer report to be updated and the Action column value to be updated. The action column shows actions for group members or users that Carillon will or would perform if all Privilege Manager management rules would be activated.
  5. Delete computer report
    Removes the computer report from the database and also frees the computers license reservation if the reservation is still active.
  6. Search devices
    Searches devices based on a specified search value. All computers where the name contains the search value are shown.
  7. Select device
    To delete a device from reporting (to immediately release reserved license) or to force computer report update, any group member or user needs to be selected from target devices. Multi selection is allowed but there is no need to select multiple rows from the same device. Update computer report and delete device actions will be activated when the selection is made.
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