System Requirements

To deploy the Recast-integrated version of Privilege Manager, you'll need to install Recast Management Server with Recast Proxy on a system that meets RMS requirements. Recast Agent must also be installed on target devices where group and/or user rules will be applied. If you're planning to use Privilege Manager's temporary administrator functionality, Visual C++ Redistributable is also required.

Recast Management Server Requirements


  • CPU: At least 4 cores
  • RAM: At least 8 GB 
  • SQL Server
    • At least 20GB of free space, in addition to your normal Windows installation
    • More space is required if setting up trends and taking snapshots 
    • 100GB is a good starting place for teams planning to maximize trends utilization 


  • Operating System: 
    • For Recast Software Version 5.x: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later
    • For Recast Software Version 4.x: Microsoft-supported OS versions
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: ASP.NET version 6.0 or later
  • IIS
  • NET Core Hosting Bundle 
    • The Recast Management Server will install this, if it is not present.
    • The .NET Core Hosting Bundle should be installed after IIS.
  • SQL:
    • Any licensed version of SQL
    • If you don't have permission to create a SQL database during the install, you can pre-create the SQL database.

Additional requirement to use temporary administrator functionality