Permissions for Right Click Tools

Recast permissions, as well as Microsoft permissions, determine a user's access to Right Click Tools actions as well as their ability to run an action within a particular scope. Recast permissions will not override Microsoft permissions.

The required permissions for a Right Click Tools action are listed on its page in the Tools section.

Recast User Roles

You can grant users and groups Recast permissions by assigning an administrator role. Right Click Tools must be connected to Recast Management Server to set up role-based permissions.

Recast also offers pre-built templates to set up read-only access for all tools and dashboards, or to customize access to the Remote Software Center or Content Distribution Monitor.

If a user has insufficient Recast permissions to run an action, the tool will be grayed out.

If a user has the required Recast permissions, but insufficient Microsoft permissions, to run an action, the tool will appear to be available (not grayed out) but the action won't run successfully.