Logs for Application Manager

If you ever have trouble with your Application Manager, there may be a time when our Support Team asks you for information from the logs. This section includes information about where logs are stored, and how to get them to us.

When troubleshooting Application Manager, you may be asked to provide logs to our Support Team. Here's where to find them, and how to send them to us.

Application Manager Log Location:

  • C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs

To send Application Manager logs to Recast Support:

1. In the Logs folder, select all logs showing more than 0 KB.

2. Right-click and add the selected logs to a new Compressed (Zipped) File.

3. Send the file to our Support Team.

The Audit Log lets you search and filter all actions run against a Recast Management Server, and view the results in list or chart form.

The Audit Log is available in your Recast Management Server by navigating to Administration > Audit Log.

View the Audit Log

The Audit Log includes details such as when and for how long actions ran and which user ran them.

Filter the Audit Log

The Audit Log table is searchable and can also be filtered by selecting a Start Date and/or End Date and clicking Refresh.

View Results

Click the View Results icon to the right of a row to see more information about a log entry. From the list of results, you can select columns to view in chart form. Results can also be exported to CSV.

View Proxy Type

Click Proxies to the right of a log entry to see the route type used to direct the action to the target devices.

Set Audit Log Age

View or edit the amount of time that audit log entries are saved under Settings. The option is MaxAuditLogAge.

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