Activation Code Validity

The Activation code validity time specifies the maximum time in which the created activation code can be used on the target computer. Available activation code validity settings are configured in the ServiceDesk\ActivationCodeValidityTimes.xml file located on the Privilege Manager Portal website.

Items root element

The XML file contains item root elements where you can specify following settings:

  • Autoselect: Setting this value to 'false' prevents any items from being automatically selected, meaning the user needs to select the desired items. If value is 'true' or not specified, the item will be automatically selected following these rules:
    • If only one item is available to the user, it will be automatically selected
    • If multiple items available to the user and one of the items has 'Selected' set to 'true', it will be automatically selected
    • If multiple items are available to user and no item with 'Selected' set to 'true' is available, the first item will be automatically selected

Item elements

Item elements represent the available items. 

Item element settings:

  • Value: This is the actual value for when the item is selected. The value specifies the activation code validity time in hours. The allowed values are 1 to 72. (required)
  • Visible: Setting this value to 'false' hides the item. Value can be 'true' (default if nothing specified) or 'false' (optional)
  • Selected: Setting this value to 'true' automatically selects the item following the rules described in the 'Items root element' chapter. (optional)
  • Text inside the item element: This specifies the item text shown to the user (required)

Example ActivationCodeValidityTimes.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Items Autoselect="true">
    <Item Value="1" Visible="true" Selected="true">1 hour</Item>
    <Item Value="2" Visible="true">2 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="3" Visible="true">3 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="4" Visible="true">4 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="6" Visible="true">6 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="8" Visible="true">8 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="10" Visible="true">10 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="12" Visible="true">12 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="18" Visible="true">18 hours</Item>
    <Item Value="24" Visible="true">24 hours</Item>
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