View Application Manager Deployment Processes

The Deployment Processes page lists all your Application Manager deployment processes. You can also add new deployment processes and pause all deployment processes from the same page.

Deployment Process list includes the following information:

  • Applications: Number of applications in the deployment process. Click the number to view and manage the applications in the deployment process.
  • Status of the deployment process. The status can be:
    • Successful - The application was imported successfully to MECM.
    • Running - The application import is in progress.
    • Pending run - A new deployment process that has not started. To start the deployment process, click the ellipsis (...)  in the Actions column and click Run.
    • Paused - The deployment process is temporarily stopped and Application Manager won't import new versions of the selected applications.
    • Warning - The application was imported into Configuration Manager, but Application Manager wasn't able to create all the specified deployments. Make sure any specified collections exist in MECM.
    • Error - The application import failed and requires troubleshooting.
  • Total Process Time: The number of days from the start of the first deployment step to the end of the last deployment step. 
  • Actions 
    • View Details including the applications included, the total duration, the list of deployment steps, and any delays.
    • Click the ellipsis (...) to Run, Pause or Delete the deployment process. Select Manage Settings to modify all deployment process related settings.

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