Application Manager for Intune FAQ

Does Application Manager for Intune require server or agent installation?

No. All you need is two enterprise applications to your Azure AD and you are ready to configure Application Manager.

What applications does AM for Intune support?

You can see the list of supported applications here

How can I suggest a new application for Application Manager's catalog?

You can suggest new applications from the management portal by navigating to Services > AM for Intune > Administration > Service Applications. We will evaluate the suggested application and if the application meets our criteria, we will add it to our application catalog.

If the application doesn't currently meet our supported application criteria, you can still get it by ordering the application as a customer-specific application. You can order it from the management portal by navigating to Order > Application Packaging and selecting Application packaging as a service as packaging type.

How can I update applications that I've deployed to Intune's Company Portal?

If you deploy an application to a user group with available type deployment and users install it from Company Portal, upcoming application versions are not automatically installed to those devices. With Application Manager for Intune you can use our Application Groups feature to solve the issue. 

When a user installs an AM-created application from Company Portal, AM's Application Groups feature adds the device to a application-specific Azure AD group. You can then deploy the application to the application-specific group with a required deployment.

Read more about the Application Groups feature and learn how to configure it.

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