Recast Management Server

Recast Management Server (RMS) is the centralized web interface for Recast Enterprise products, including Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights. Hosted on a server of your choice, Recast Management Server uses an on-premises SQL database to house settings, configurations and logs.


Covers the installation of Recast Management Server with and without a Recast Proxy. Also includes steps to install a Recast Proxy separately.


Settings for all connected Right Click Tools and Recast Proxies are configured centrally in the Recast Management Server interface.

Service Connections

A service connection allows Recast Software infrastructure to connect to, and query information from, third-party products in external environments including Active Directory domains, Configuration Manager, and MBAM.

Recast Proxies

A Recast Proxy is a service that runs under a service account.

Recast Agents

A Recast Agent is a service running on a computer that acts as a Right Click Tools client.


Routes determine how actions run, and with which credentials. You'll need to set up a route for each way that your Right Click Tools actions will reach out to your managed computers.