Navigation And Data Area

The Privilege Manager Portal uses a common main layout with navigation and data areas.

  1. Main navigation
    This menu is used to move between different pages on Portal. Usually main menu sub items are the same as page navigation (2) panels
  2. Page navigation
    Page navigation contains controls to select data to be displayed on the data area (3). Page navigation is built on panels where one panel can be opened or expanded. When a panel is opened or expanded, other panels are automatically closed or collapsed. You can use the expand/collapse icon on a panel to open/close panels or your can click the panel header to open the panel.
  3. Data area
    The data area will show detailed data for an item currently selected in the navigation area. Some navigation area items do not have any data to be displayed. The data area will either show it's current contents or it will change to blank.
  4. Splitter
    Splitter can be used to collapse/expand page navigation or change the width of the page navigation.
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