Create a Custom Application

You can use our portal to upload any application you like and deploy it through Application Manager's deployment processes.

To upload a new custom application:

Create a zip file

Before you can upload your installer, you need to create a zip file of the setup file(s). The zip file can include a folder structure, but the main installation file must be on root level of the zip file.

Create an application

To create an application:

1. Navigate to Services > Custom applications in the Application Manager Portal.

2. Select Add application and enter the publisher, application name, architecture and language.

3. Click Add.

Upload setup file or update the application

To upload the setup file:

1. Select Import a new version on your application.

2. Enter the following details:

  • Environment
    • Select the Application Manager environment you are using
  • Application information
    • Version of application you are uploading
  • Installation package information
    • Installer type: Windows Installer for msi files or Script Installer for exe or other type of installers
    • Installation filename for the main installation file
    • Transforms: If your installer requires mst file, enter the filename of mst file(s)
    • Product code of the application, if you are uploading an msi file. You can use MSI editor like Orca or InstEd to find the ProductCode property of the msi file
    • If you are uploading Windows installer, select Generate command to automatically create installation and uninstallation command. You can modify commands, if needed.
    • Install command - Enter the installation command with parameters of your choice. Automatically generated for windows installer.
    • Uninstall command - Enter the uninstallation command with parameters of your choiceAutomatically generated for windows installer.
    • Detection method - Select Msi product code for windows installer, or custom for other type of installers
  • Intune
    • Detection method - If you chose Custom detection method, enter the detection method for the application. Read more about custom detection methods from here.
  • SCCM
    • Detection method - If you chose Custom detection method, enter the detection method for the application. Read more about custom detection methods from here.
    • Minimum OS - Select the minimum OS requirement for the application

Example 1 - Msi installer

Example 2 - Exe installer

3. Click Upload installation media > Browse to select the zip file containing the installation media. Select upload when zip file is selected.

After uploading, the application goes through a malware detection process, and you will be notified via email once the application is ready for deployment.

Select customer(s) for the application

Our partners can deploy the same application for their customers. Make sure to upload the application with your main account selected. Go to Services > Custom applications and select Customers in any application, and select the customers you want. The application will then be available in the customer's deployment processes.

Select the application in Application Manager's deployment process

After you've been notified that the application is ready, you can add it to a deployment process like any other AM supported application. If you uploaded a new version of a previously created application, it will be automatically deployed via to the deployment process it is added to.