Configure Actions to Run with a Recast Agent

A Recast Agent is a service running on a computer that acts as a Right Click Tools client. When the Agent service is running, Right Click Tools actions can run under the system account, which means that Local Admin is not required to run actions. Agents can be very helpful in running Right Click Tools actions against untrusted domains or on workgroup computers.  


Authorize the Agent

The Recast Management Server will automatically approve any agents that connect from the same domain as the Recast Management Server. If a Recast Agent connects from a different domain (or from a workgroup computer) it must be manually approved.

To approve the agent manually:

1. Open the Recast Management Server interface or Configure Recast Management Server application.

2. Navigate to Agents

    On the Recast Agents page, your new agent should be visible with Authorized disabled.

3. Click the Edit icon to the right of the agent you want to authorize.

4. In the window that opens, click Authorized and Save.

Once edited and saved, the agent will appear as Authorized in the Recast Agents table.

Check Route Order

To make all actions run using the Recast Agent, make sure that the Recast Agent route appears at the top of the table on the Routes page. Then any device with the Agent installed will run through the Recast Management Server to the Agent computer and will be run as the system account.

Click Save to finalize any changes.

Agent Route at the top of the Routes list

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