Agent Installation

Install Recast Agent

1. Double-click the Recast Agent .msi file to open the installer. Click Next.

2. On the Agent Settings page, specify the computer domain and Agent Gateway address.

  • Set the Computer Domain by entering the on-premises Active Directory domain DNS name of the computer where the Recast Agent is being installed. Use computer NETBIOS name as the domain when the computer is not joined to on-premises Active Directory domain. For Azure AD joined devices, use Azure AD as the domain name.
  • Specify the Gateway Address by entering the full path to AgentGateway.asmx file.

3. On the Ready to Install the Program page, click Install.

Silent installation

You can use Configuration Manager, Intune or other solution to deploy Recast Agent silently to client device. Use COMPUTERDOMAIN and GATEWAY_ADDRESS properties to set your AD domain and agent gateway address to client


msiexec /i "Recast Agent (64-bit).msi" /qn COMPUTERDOMAIN="domain.local" GATEWAY_ADDRESS="http://gateway.dns.suffix/AgentGateway.asmx"

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