Portal Front Page Overview

The Privilege Manager Portal front page shows basic information about your Recast Privilege Manager configuration.

Version information

The portal front page displays the following version information:

  • Privilege Manager Portal version
  • Privilege Manager database version: If the database version is newer than the portal version, update your portal version!
  • Required Recast Agent Gateway version: If your Recast Agent Gateway version is older than the required minimum version, update the Recast Agent Gateway!
  • Required minimum Privilege Manager Client version: If you have older clients, update them!

Client Connections

The Privilege Manager Client Connections section displays the number of clients according to their last connection to the Recast Agent Gateway. 

  • Clients that have connected within the last 30 days require the Privilege Manager client to access the license. 
  • For clients where the last connection was more than 30 days ago, you should investigate why the connection hasn't taken place. You can use the computer report to see those clients.

Client Access License Usage

The CAL Usage section displays Privilege Manager license usage. 

  • Old licenses are those that have not been upgraded to the current Privilege Manager version. These licenses are not usable. 
  • Used licenses refer to the number of Privilege Manager client access licenses currently reserved for active Privilege Manager clients.
  • Available licenses are those that can be used on new Privilege Manager clients. If the number of available clients is zero, new clients cannot be added before more licenses are purchased.

Managed Groups and Users

The Managed Local Groups section displays the number of managed and unmanaged local groups on clients.

The Managed Local User Accounts section displays the number of managed and unmanaged users on clients.


The Group Rules section displays the number of active and disabled management rules for local groups.

The User Rules section displays the number of active and disabled management rules for users.

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