Generate an Activation Code

If you are acting in a Service Desk (or similar) role, you can generate an activation code in Privilege Manager to temporarily elevate permissions for specified end users on target devices. The activation code can be used to run actions with a specific local user account. An activation code can be used even where the device is not connected to the Internet or if the device cannot reach the Agent Gateway.

To generate an activation code:

1. On the Agents page, click the Lock icon to the left of the agent.

2. In the Generate Activation Code panel that opens, set activation code parameters:

  • Activation code expires: Select the amount of time the user has to apply the activation code. This time period begins as soon as the activation code is generated. The default is 1 hour.
  • Activation code valid for: Select the amount of time that the activation code will elevate permissions on the target device. By default, permissions will remain elevated for 1 hour. You can also choose to activate the code for Single usage.
  • Temporary Account Name: Select the temporary account that the user is able to access using the activation code.
  • Category: If the Require reason category in temporary elevation setting has been enabled by the Privilege Manager administrator in the Client Settings, you are required to select a pre-defined reason category to describe why permissions are being elevated.
  • Reason: Enter a reason permissions are being elevated.

3. Click Generate.

The Generated activation code will appear.

Once the activation code is generated, its details are included on the Activation Codes report.

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