Application Manager Licensing

Application Manager License Key Delivery

Once your Application Manager account details are finalized, Recast Software will email you a license key. With the license key, you'll have access to the Recast applications and components you'll need to install Application Manager with Recast Management Server.


Upload Application Manager License to RMS

Licenses for all your Recast Software products and components are available from the Recast Portal. Downloaded licenses can then be added to the Licenses page in your Recast Management Server.

To add Recast licenses to RMS:

1. Download or copy your Recast Software product and component licenses from the Recast Portal by clicking on the cloud icon under Actions.

2. In your Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Administration > Licenses.

3. Click Upload and select licenses.

View Application Manager License

You can view and manage all of your Recast Software licenses on the RMS Licenses page.

To view licensing details:

1. Access your Recast Management Server athttps://<ServerFQDN>:<Port> in a web browser.

2. Navigate to Administration > Licenses.

Details shown:

  • License Type
    • Right Click Tools Enterprise
    • Right Click Tools Community
    • Shift Left
    • Kiosk Manager
    • Recast Automation
    • Endpoint Insights
    • Privilege Manager
    • Application Manager

NOTE: Shift Left licenses appear in the Licenses list but can't be managed from within the Recast Management Server interface.

  • Expiration date
  • Status of license
  • Device Count

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