Access to the Path is Denied


The application installation media won't show up for the specified UNC path even though a deployment process is running and network requirements have been verified. You might see an Access to the path '\\UNC\PATH' is denied error message in the Recast Proxy log file.


1. Navigate to the UNC path you configured during Application Manager initial setup.

TIP: You can also find the UNC path on the Application Manager > Settings > Advanced page in your Recast Management Server.

2. Open folder properties and go to the Sharing tab.

3. Click Advanced Sharing and Permissions.

4. Add your Recast Proxy service account and grant Change permissions.

5. Go to the Security tab.

6. If missing, add the Recast Proxy service account and grant Modify permissions to the folder. Verify that the permissions will be inherited by all sub folders.

7. Wait 30 minutes (default import interval) or run the Application Manager - Import New Applications scheduled task to start the download process instantly.

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