Endpoint Insights with RMS Implementation Workflow

The workflow you'll follow to implement Endpoint Insights depends on whether you want to make warranty information available for your reports. If you plan to collect warranty information, you'll need to install Endpoint Insights with Recast Management Server and Recast Proxy. To install Endpoint Insights on its own, see Install Endpoint Insights Standalone.

Before beginning installation steps, make sure that Endpoint Insights system requirements are in place.

Recommended workflow for Endpoint Insights with device warranty reports:

1. Install Recast Management Server with Recast Proxy on the primary Configuration Manager server or on its own server.  

NOTE: The Recast Proxy must be deployed separately, after Recast Management Server installation, if the proxy is being installed on a server other than the Recast Management Server. See Install Recast Proxy Separately.

2. Download Endpoint Insights and install it on your Configuration Manager server.

3. Configure Recast Management Server for warranty information collection.

4. Install the Recast Agent application. 

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