Implementation Workflow for Privilege Manager with RMS

Once you've ensured that your system meets Recast Management Server requirements, deploy Privilege Manager and its Recast components according to this implementation workflow.

Recommended workflow for Privilege Manager 

1. Download the following Recast components from the Recast Portal

  • Recast Management Server
  • Recast Proxy, if using Active Directory or Entra ID objects to target rules
  • Recast Agent

2. Install Recast Management Server with Recast Proxy

NOTE: The Recast Proxy must be deployed separately, after Recast Management Server installation, if the proxy is being installed on a server other than the Recast Management Server. See Install Recast Proxy Separately.

If you've already installed Recast Management Server with a Recast Proxy for another Recast product, there's no need to reinstall RMS and Proxy to add Privilege Manager. Just ensure that your Recast Management Server is running Recast Software version 5.0 or later, as that is the version that introduced Privilege Manager in RMS.

3. Configure Recast Management Server roles and permissions for Privilege Manager.

4. Set up your default Privilege Manager configuration.

5. Deploy Recast Agents.

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