Fast Channel for Right Click Tools

Right Click Tools' Fast Channel support allows you to send Recast Actions over the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) to your internet-connected devices. Communication via Fast Channel is push-based, and therefore not dependent on the client policy polling interval. Clients establish a persistent connection with a server that can notify clients of time-sensitive tasks over the channel. The client can then take action in response to the notification.

Fast Channel setup requires that a script be installed in your Configuration Manager console and that a WMI provider to be installed on the devices you would like to manage via the Fast Channel. The script is created when installing Right Click Tools and the WMI provider is installed during Recast Agent deployment.

After importing the Fast Channel script, you can configure Fast Channel support in the Recast Management Server interface by creating a ConfigMgr Fast Channel route. See Routes.

Fast Channel Prerequisites

You must have the most recent version of the following configured and functional:

NOTE: The account used for Recast Proxy must have the ability to read devices with the Add/Remove programs table, and permissions to run scripts.

Import Fast Channel Script

Import and approve the ConfigMgr Fast Channel Script in your Configuration Manager console. The Recast ConfigMgr Fast Channel.ps1 script is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Recast Software\Recast RCT\Extras.

Adding Script to ConfigMgr

Create a Fast Channel Route

To create a Fast Channel route:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Routes.

2. In the main window, click Create.

3. In the Create Route window, set the route Type to ConfigMgr Fast Channel.

4. Enter Recast Proxy details.

5. Set the Role to Administrators.

6. Click Create.

The new route will appear at the bottom of the Routes table.

Determine Devices Routed via Fast Channel

To find out which devices can be routed to via the Fast Channel:

1.  In the Audit Log, click on the GetDevicesInCollectionScope or GetDevicesInSiteScope actions.

Devices to route to Fast Channel

2. Click the View Results icon to the left of the Proxies button.

3. In the window that opens, select Chart and Is Recast Fast Channel Capable.Chart of Fast Channel Capable Devices

NOTE: If you're not seeing expected device displayed as Is Recast Fast Channel Capable, make sure any hardware inventory cycle has completed after installing an agent and that your scopes have been repopulated.

Verify Actions Run Over Fast Channel

To verify that actions are running over the fast channel, you can check the Script Status in the Monitoring section. If you can see that the Fast Channel Script you added is running successfully, it's working correctly.

monitoring node

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