Force Configuration Update

The Privilege Manager client checks the Recast Agent Gateway hourly for new configurations. If a connection to the Recast Agent Gateway is not available at that time, the client will re-try the connection every 10 minutes and continue to use locally cached configurations.

You can choose to force a configuration update either in the Privilege Manager interface or from the command line interface.

To force a configuration update from the Privilege Manager interface:

  1. Right-click the tray icon in the notification area and select Settings.
  2. Expand Agent > Modules and select Carillon.
  3. On the Run tab, click Run.

To force a configuration update from the command line:

1. Open a command prompt (use Run as Administrator). 

2. Run the following command in the Recast Agent installation directory: Agent.exe -modules:Carillon.dll -methods:action -module_ops:force_update

The default installation directory is located at  %ProgramFiles%\Centero\Agent.

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