Portal Authentication

Azure Active Directory authentication requires that an Azure AD App Registration be created for the Azure AD tenant where Privilege Manager Portal users exist. You can invite external users also but Azure AD App Registration should be created for your primary Azure AD tenant.

For instructions on enabling Azure AD authentication, see Configure Azure AD authentication - Azure App Service.

Self-hosted Azure App Service

If you are self-hosting the Azure App Service, create a new app registration automatically to add Azure AD authentication to the Privilege Manager Management Portal.

Recast-hosted Azure App service

If you are using the Recast-hosted Azure App Service, use an existing registration to create the Azure AD App registration. If you have not received the <app-url> value required to create Azure AD App registration, contact Recast Support

After creating the registration, send the following details to Recast Support:

  • Client ID
  • Tenant ID
  • Client secret
  • Application ID URI

NOTE: Remember to create a new client secret before the old expires and deliver new client secret information to Recast Support.

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