Application Manager for MECM Description

Application Manager for MECM integrates into the customer's Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) management system. The integration is done through the client software and the Application Manager background services.

The MECM system deploys the desired applications on those workstations that are members of MECM and the collections configured as the deployments’ target. 

Recast Software is not responsible for the customer’s MECM environment’s operation. Instead, it’s the customer’s responsibility to take care of the environment's operation, any related platform services, and the necessary telecommunication connections to the AM background services.

The customer is also responsible for deploying the client software, and the necessary connections to the AM background services.

Task Sequence Auto-Update

The Task Sequence Auto-Update feature automatically updates the new versions of the activated supported applications to MECM task sequences, immediately when the new versions are released into the Service. The tasks are used, for instance, to install applications on devices while an operating system is installed on a computer with MECM. With this additional service, the Application Manager's Supported Applications are up to date the minute the operating system’s installation finishes.

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