Endpoint Insights Onboarding FAQ

What is required to install Endpoint Insights?
To fully utilize Endpoint Insights, the Recast Management Server, the Recast Proxy, and the Recast Agent are required. The Recast Management Server and Recast Proxy are used to collect warranty information and Recast Agents are used to add additional hardware inventory classes to your devices. 

For more information, see Endpoint Insights System Requirements.

How much space does Endpoint Insights take up?
Endpoint Insights adds about 2MB of data to the ConfigMgr database per client.

Does Endpoint Insights install anything on the SQL database servers?
The installer does not add anything to SQL directly.

Does Endpoint Insights extend the ConfigMgr inventory?
Yes. EI will add more inventory classes to be inventoried by ConfigMgr. Warranty details are also collected via Data Discovery Records (DDRs.)

How is information collected for the warranty information reports?
Through the Recast Management Server, EI sends the make, model, and serial number to Recast's API, which in-turn contacts each manufacturer for the information. Recast's API then normalizes the data and returns it to ConfigMgr using DDRs.

Where can I find more information about Endpoint Insights and its features?

If you have any further onboarding questions, please reach out to your Technical Onboarding Manager.

For technical issues, please visit our Endpoint Insights Troubleshooting page or email support@recastsoftware.com