Application Manager

With Application Manager, you can take control of the entire lifecycle of workstation applications — from installation to updates to uninstallation.

Automated Application Deployment

  • Deploy, update, and uninstall supported applications automatically
  • Precisely control the delivery of software updates with flexible scheduling
  • Manage the applications installed on each device
  • Choose the order of application updates with the task sequence feature
  • Minimize end user disruption by deploying silently in the background and disabling application restart

Application Packages

  • Professional application packages made according to the industry’s best practices
  • Thorough testing on all supported operating system versions and in every phase of the application life cycle

NOTE: You can also use application packages for manual installation by defining a suitable maintenance window.

Management Portal

  • Configure and manage application deployment via Application Manager’s intuitive web interface
  • Choose to show or hide Windows 10 update notifications to end users
  • Email notifications about ongoing application deployments to a test group or end users

System Requirements

  • Application Manager allows for serverless configuration
  • When used for Configuration Manager, Intune and WSUS, application deployment does not require client software on workstations
  • Inventory reports require client software installation

For more information, see the Application Manager product page.

Coming soon! A full suite of Application Manager documentation!