Application Manager for Intune Application Settings

In application settings, you can configure installation parameters and other application settings that are available in Intune. 

To configure application settings:

1. Navigate to Services > AM for Intune > Administration > Deployment processes in the management portal.

2. Select a deployment process. 

3. Open application settings on the Applications tab by selecting the Settings icon next to an application name.

Application settings:

App information

  • Description
    • Description is visible for the end user in the Company Portal app
    • If no description is set, AM for Intune will default to Application [APP NAME] published by integration client description
  • Show as featured app
    • Display the app prominently in the Company Portal


  • Install parameters
    • These parameters will be added to the end of the installation command in Intune
    • With parameters, you can, for example, enable windows installer logging and configure application installer properties
    • The full installation command would look like this in Intune, if you've configured the /l*v %WINDIRD%\CSM_Reader_Install.log parameter:
      msiexec /qn /i filename.msi TRANSFORMS="filename.mst" /l*v %WINDIRD%\CSM_Reader_Install.log
  • Uninstall parameters
    • These parameters will be added to the end of the uninstallation command in Intune
  • Restart behavior
    • Change the restart behavior of the application in Intune. Read more here.
    • App install may force a device restart
    • Determine behavior based on return codes (Default if not set)
    • No specific action
    • Intune will force a mandatory device restart

Application settings will be the same in all deployment processes for the same application.

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