Application Manager for Intune Application Settings

In application settings, you can configure installation parameters and other application settings that are available in Intune. You can configure application settings by navigating to Services > AM for Intune > Administration > Deployment processes in Recast Portal and selecting a deployment process. Open application settings on the Applications tab by selecting the Settings icon next to an application name.

Application settings:

App information

  • Description
    • Description is visible for the end user in the Company Portal app
    • If no description is set, AM for Intune will default to Application [APP NAME] published by integration client description
  • Show as featured app
    • Display the app prominently in the Company Portal


  • Install parameters
    • These parameters will be added to the end of the installation command in Intune
    • With parameters, you can for example enable windows installer logging and configure application installer properties
    • The full installation command would look like this in Intune, if you've configured the /l*v %WINDIRD%\CSM_Reader_Install.log parameter:
      msiexec /qn /i filename.msi TRANSFORMS="filename.mst" /l*v %WINDIRD%\CSM_Reader_Install.log
  • Uninstall parameters
    • These parameters will be added to the end of the uninstallation command in Intune
  • Restart behavior
    • Change the restart behavior of the application in Intune. Read more from here
    • App install may force a device restart
    • Determine behavior based on return codes (Default if not set)
    • No specific action
    • Intune will force a mandatory device restart

Application settings will be the same in all deployment processes for the same application.