Recast Builder Overview

Recast Builder is an automation engine that allows you to customize Recast actions. Builder can be used with any of Recast's pre-built actions, or you can build your own tools using different Right Click Tools, PowerShell scripts, Registry Edits, WMI Calls, and more. Builder actions can then be saved, shared using role-based permissions, and run using Recast Runner.

Recast Builder is available in a number of Configuration Manager console locations. To open the Builder interface, right click in the console and navigate to Recast Automation > Recast Builder.

For a detailed overview of Recast Builder, see our Right Click Tools Automation in Action webinar.

Builder Interface Layout

On the left

A. My Right Click Tools panel: Displays the icons for adding a new action, saving the current action, and deleting saved actions. Saved tools are accessible from the panel according to where they were created in the Configuration Manager console. If, for example, Recast Builder is accessed from Devices, tools for editing devices will be displayed.

On the right

B. Recast Actions panel: This searchable list displays hundreds of available actions by category. For a full list of available actions, see the Recast Actions Catalog.

In the center

C. Canvas: Drag and drop your saved Right Click Tools and Recast Actions onto this area to work with them. The Start Node represents the object selected when running the action, such as a device or user.

D. Viewfinder: Use this box to move around the canvas and to adjust settings including the zoom level, centering and fill.

At the bottom

E. Properties and parameters: Different sections appear at the bottom of the interface depending on what is selected on the canvas.

Action Properties: Configure View, Name, Display and Action Type options for your custom tools.
See Configure Action Properties.

Target Input Parameters: Map a parameter to a constant value or to a specific property or step.
See Map Target Input Parameters.

Custom Input Parameters: Provide users with input options before an action runs. Common uses include choosing a collection to which a device will be added, choosing whether to force a full inventory cycle upon completion, and having an admin input a PowerShell script.
See Set Custom Input Parameters.

Conditional Responses: Set conditional responses to skip actions based on the results of previous actions.
See Set Conditional Responses.

Create a New Action

To create a new saved tool in the My Right Click Tools list, click the New Action button (+ sign).

Right Click Tools Builder New Action

Use a Pre-Built Action Workflow

Recast offers a set of pre-built actions to get you started with Builder. These workflows are made up of a sequence of actions, and can be used as-is or as a starting point for creating your own custom Right Click Tools. For a description of the tasks included in each pre-built sequence of actions, see Recast Builder Actions.

Pre-built actions are listed in the My Right Click Tools panel. The Builder Actions displayed will vary depending on where you've opened Builder in your Configuration Manager console. For example, when Builder is accessed from Users, the templates that include user management actions will appear.

Drag-and-drop the templates onto the canvas to view and/or edit the actions they include. Pre-built actions often require some configuration in Builder. For instructions, see Configure Builder Actions.

Add Recast Actions

You can add any of the actions listed in the Recast Actions panel to create an automated workflow. For a list of all the available actions, see the Recast Actions Catalog.

To add actions to an automation sequence:

1. Use the Recast Actions search box or drill-down menu to select the desired actions. 

2. Drag-and-drop each action onto the canvas area.

3. Order the sequence of actions from the Start Node to the first action by selecting the circle edge and dragging it to the first box.

Right Click Tools Builder flow

Builder will auto-select the Edge arrow in blue and populate the item properties in the Selected Edge section. Setting parameters will tell Configuration Manager which properties to change on the targeted object.

Right Click Tools Builder arrow

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