Recast Software Version 5.1.2305.507

Release Date: May 10, 2023

Version 5.1.2305.507 includes new features and bug fixes. For instructions on updating your software version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights and Privilege Manager.


Right Click Tools

Recast Builder Templates: We've simplified access to our pre-built Recast actions. You'll now find the following templates within Recast Builder:

  • Add an AD User to an AD Group
  • Compare Two Users' AD Groups with Recast Builder
  • User Account Retire Protocol
  • All Client Policies
  • BitLocker Recovery Password from Device
  • Grant Remote Access
  • Reboot if Pending Restart Exists

NOTE: Fix Encryption Method and Re-Enroll Agent templates will be added in an upcoming release.

For more information, see Use Starter Pack Templates in Recast Builder.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

  • Fixes license upload failures for trial users and Enterprise customers.
  • Fixes crashes and errors during upgrade from v4 to v5 releases.
  • Fixes an issue where the Agent Gateway approval policy was not set during upgrade from v4 to v5.
  • Fixes an error when creating an Active Directory service connection where the domain name contains a dash.
  • Fixes an endpoint error when opening the Recast Management Server application.
  • Fixes a broken audit log link from error messages.

Recast Portal

Fixes Recast Software licensing that incorrectly ended one day prior to subscription expiration.

Right Click Tools


  • Remote Windows Security, Remote Software Center, System Information, and Client Information
    • Fixes an issue where selecting all results on a filtered list selects all results rather than filtered list results.
    • Fixes the Expand All/Collapse All function so that it works consistently with a single click.
  • Remote Windows Security
    • On the Firewall Rules tab, fixes field population when the first child device is added.
    • On the BitLocker tab, renames the Devices column to Drive Letter (as it was back in v4 releases).
  • System Information
    • On the Windows Updates tab, fixes Description column population.
  • Client Information 
    • On the Cache Details tab, fixes Size column population, as well as content availability during data loading.
    • On the Boundaries tab, fixes missing devices when expanding the boundaries under each boundary group
  • Unlock User Account
    • Fixes a failure when the username includes a dot.

Console Dashboards

  • Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS)
    • Fixes an issue where the console dashboard showed no progress while data appeared to load in the Recast Management Server audit log.
    • Fixes quota violations for Right Click Tools Standalone deployments. 

Web Dashboards

  • Trends
    • Fixes missing y-axis labels on dashboard quadrants.
    • Fixes a timeout error in grid and quadrant dashboard views.
  • Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS)
    • Fixes an error when clicking on a trend point to open a snapshot.
    • Fixes quota violations on the web dashboard

Console Extension

Adds the missing ‘Collect Analytics Data’ option in the Configure Recast Console Extension application for Enterprise Standalone deployments.

Kiosk Manager

Fixes the 'Delete Files/Folders on Restart' setting, which wasn't removing files or folders after restart as promised.

Recast Builder

Fixes an error when adding a parameter to a PowerShell script.

Endpoint Insights

Power BI Reporting

  • Adds missing Application dashboard reports in the Configuration Manager category.
  • Renames the Device Warranty report to Warranty to fix a naming conflict.

Shift Left

Unlock User Account: Fixes a failure when the username includes a dot.

Privilege Manager

  • Fixes an issue where a new Administrator user is incorrectly created when the default Administrator name is changed.
  • Fixes a 'System Exception' error on the Agents page.

Application Manager

No bug fixes in this release.

See Supported Applications for an up-to-date list of software you can deploy using Application Manager!

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