Install Right Click Tools with RMS

By implementing Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server, you'll have access to the product's full functionality. You can also choose to add Recast Management Server to an existing installation of Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone later.

To install Right Click Tools along with Application Manager and Endpoint Insights, see our Multi-Product Implementation Guide.

Before you begin the installation steps, ensure that all Right Click Tools system requirements are in place.

Recommended Installation Workflow for Right Click Tools with RMS

1. Download the following Recast application and components from the Recast Portal

  • Right Click Tools
  • Recast Management Server
  • Recast Agent

2. Install Recast Management Server with Recast Proxy

NOTE: The Recast Proxy must be deployed separately, after Recast Management Server installation, if the proxy is being installed on a server other than the Recast Management Server. See Install Recast Proxy Separately.

3. Install Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server.

4. Install Recast Agents. 

Once you've installed the required Recast components, you're ready to configure Right Click Tools.

License Right Click Tools with RMS

When you add Recast Management Server as part of a new Right Click Tools Enterprise deployment or an upgrade to Right Click Tools Enterprise from the Community Edition, you'll be asked to connect to RMS when signing into Recast Software. Once you've signed in and connected to Recast Management Server, you can download your Enterprise license.

Sign in to Recast

To sign in and connect to Recast Management Server:

1. On the Recast Software sign-in page, click Connect to Recast Management Server.

Right Click Tools licensing workflow start

2. Enter your Recast Management Server Name.

3. Change the port number, if needed.

4. Click Test Connection

5. When your connection is successful, click Save.

Download Your Enterprise License

You can download or copy licenses for your Recast Software products and components from the Recast Portal. Click on the cloud icon under Actions.Recast Software portal table row showing cloud icon in the Actions column

If your product licenses are not available via the Recast Portal, contact Recast Support or your CSM to have license files sent to you.

View Recast Software License Details

When Right Click Tools is connected to Recast Management Server, the Recast Agent will automatically update licensing information from RMS when a new software version is installed. You can check the expiration date, status, device count of all your Recast product licenses in the Recast Management Server interface.

To view licensing details in the Recast Management Server interface:

1. Access your Recast Management Server athttps://<ServerFQDN>:<Port> in a web browser.

2. Navigate to Administration > Licenses.

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