Recast Software Version 4.9.2209.701

Release Date: September 15, 2022

Bug Fixes 

Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server 

  • Fixes an issue where actions would not run over the Configuration Manager Fast Channel. 
  • Software Updates Web Dashboard 
    • Fixes inaccurate data on pie charts. 
    • Fixes missing snapshot data. 
    • Fixes an issue where Software Update Group data was missing from snapshots and Missing Updates results. 
  • Trends Web Dashboard 
    • Fixes an issue with missing snapshot graphics and data in the Software Updates quadrant.  

Endpoint Insights 

Fixes an issue where Recast Agents weren’t running reliably. 

Shift Left

  • Fixes an issue where group members were unable to access actions they have permission to run.
  • Fixes broken announcement styles.

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