Recast Software Version 4.9.2207.1301

Release Date: August 11, 2022

Right Click Tools


Dashboard Performance Improvements: Content Distribution Monitor, BitLocker Compliance, Hardware and Firmware Audit, and LAPS dashboards now offer better performance.

Bug Fixes


  • Content Distribution Monitor: Fixes an issue where the dashboard times out when loading large amounts of data.
  • Active Directory: Fixes an issue with dashboards and actions where permissions are reported as insufficient when users assign specific scopes for their role.
  • Software Update Deployment Status: 
    • Fixes an issue where the Missing Updates by Category pie chart displays extra missing updates. 
    • Fixes an issue where the Device Compliance Status pie chart mistakenly includes installed updates on the results grid.
    • Fixes an issue where some devices incorrectly show their compliance as 'Unknown'.

To resolve this issue, you must enable two new actions:

ConfigMgrServer > GetRequiredSoftwareUpdates – Retrieves all required updates that are missing

ConfigMgrServer > GetInstalledSoftwareUpdates – Retrieves all required updates that are installed

Recast Management Server

  • Fixes an issue where exporting to CSV produces an incorrectly named file.
  • Fixes an issue on the Software Updates web dashboard where results filtered by 'Updates older than X days' display incorrectly.

Application Tools

  • Fixes an issue in Deployment Launcher when 'Requirements Not Met' or 'Error' is selected as a status.

Kiosk Manager 

  • Fixes an issue with kiosk profiles set to automatically relaunch Microsoft Edge.

Endpoint Insights


New Software Dashboard Viewing and Filtering Options: On List of Computers by Software and Computer Software Details reports, you can now view and filter by user-installed software, computer-installed software, or both.

Software Dashboard Performance and Stability Improvements: List of Computers by Software and Computer Software Details reports now run more reliably and quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Software Update Health Dashboard report: Fixes an issue when attempting to run the report from the console.
  • Most Vulnerable Computers Online report: Fixes an issue where the report displays an incorrect number of devices.
  • Computer Warranty Information report: Fixes an issue where some computers show incorrectly as virtual machines.
  • Computer Warranty Information, Computer Replacement Costs, and List of Computers by Replacement Category reports: Fixes an issue when using SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 and earlier.
  • Fixes an issue where log files aren’t written.

Shift Left


Support for ServiceNow update: Shift Left now supports the San Diego release of ServiceNow.

Bug Fixes

MID Server Component: Fixes an issue where no user is found.

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