Recast Proxy Overview

A Recast Proxy is a service that runs under a service account.

Proxy Types

User Proxies are automatically installed with your standard Right Click Tools installation. The user proxy ensures that actions run in Right Click Tools will run as the logged in user with the logged in user's permissions. User proxies do not appear on the Recast Proxies page in the Recast Management Server interface.

Service Account Proxies are useful when you want to run actions as a service account. These can also be used to run actions against untrusted domains. Install these proxies using the Recast Proxy MSI available in the Recast Portal. Service account proxies are listed on the RMS Recast Proxies page.

Service account proxies installed in another domain than the Recast Management Server must be manually authorized on the Recast Proxies page before they can be used to run actions. You can also edit RMS settings to automatically approve all proxies

Proxy Uses

Proxy Permissions

Different ConfigMgr and Active Directory permissions are required depending on which tasks you're using the Recast Proxy for. See Proxy Service Account Permissions.

Proxy Installation

A service account proxy can be installed on the same server as the Recast Management Server, either during or after Recast Management Server installation. 

If the proxy is being installed in a different domain than the Recast Management Server, the Recast Proxy must be deployed separately after Recast Management Server installation. See Install Recast Proxy Separately.