Post Install RMS Configurations

Add User or Add Group

1. Click on Permissions.

2. Select "Add User" for adding an AD username or "Add Group" for adding AD user group.

3. Search for your AD name or AD user group (You can use "*" as a wildcard at the front and back to help search) and click "ADD USERS".

Assign Added User the Administrator Role

1. Click on the pen and paper icon to the right of the user added.2. Select "Administrators"

3. Choose "All Scopes"

4. Click "Save"

Create a Route for Recast Proxy

1. Click on the "Routes" tab.

2. Select "Create".

3. Create a route with Type "Service Account", your service account selected for "Recast Proxy", an "Administrators role, and scope to "All".

4. Click "Create".

Create an AD Domain Scope

1. Click "Create".

2. Select a name, choose "Active Directory Domain" for the "type", and add your domain value.

3. Click "Create".

Create a ConfigMgr Site Scope

1. Click "Create".

2. Select a name, choose "ConfigMgr Site" for the "type", and add your domain value.

3. Click "Create".

Populate Your New Scopes

You should see both scopes showing populated = false.

Click the repopulate icon in the top right.
You should now see the populated fields switch from false to true within 30 seconds. You may have to refresh the web page for the changes to reflect.

Add your domain within Settings > AD Domains*

*AD Domains will only show in the Recast Management Server menu for customers that also have Right Click Tools Enterprise.

Add your SMS Provider and Site Code within Settings > MEMCM Sites

Everything should now be in place for you to be able to successfully collect warranty information.

You can manually kick off a warranty scan by clicking on Warranty > START EI WARRANTY SCAN or you can wait for it to automatically run overnight.