EI Support Tool

The EI Support Tool is a PowerShell script that collects all logs associated with Endpoint Insights into one .zip file. The tool makes it easy to provide our Support team with all the information they require for troubleshooting EI issues.

To run the EI Support Tool:

1. Download the EI Support Tool PowerShell script: EISupportTool.zip

2. Open PowerShell as an Administrator and navigate to the folder where you've located the script.
    Example: Set-Location -Path "C:\Users\<YourUserAccount>\<FolderWhereScriptIsLocated>"

3. Run the following command: "PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File '.\ei-support-tool.ps1'"

Send the resulting EILogs.zip file to the Support Engineer who requested the logs. You can also send the file to Recast Support, if you're in the process of opening a ticket.

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